Mother Blessings

Baby showers are a time-honoured way of celebrating the baby-to-be by “showering” the expectant mother/parents with well wishes and gifts for the baby. For some, a baby shower does not fulfill a mother’s deep yearning to mark this great life-changing event. A Mother Blessing may be just what she needs to embrace the journey.

A Mother Blessing is a sacred ceremony that honours the mother-to-be in an intimate and meaningful space. It consists of several stages and rituals to help women transition to her new role of mother including blessings and words of wisdom to carry her on her journey through labour and birth or to prepare her for the arrival of her new baby through adoption.

Surrounded by her closest female family members and friends, the mother-to-be can feel empowered to work through her natural fears while being cared for and pampered.

Mother Blessing for Shannon
(Summer 2013)
 “I can’t think of a better way to prepare for a birth than having a mother blessing. Julie created the most beautiful, intimate mother blessing for me leading up to my second birth. I’ve never felt so loved and cared for. This feeling carried over into my birth and I was so thankful for that.

My closest supporters gathered as a tribe and in their own way blessed me and my baby. I remember a moment when everyone laid their hands on my belly, filling me with their best intentions and my baby started to move and felt so warm. I knew at that moment my baby also felt that warm love that waited for him earth side.

Julie has a gift for really ‘knowing’ people, supporting women and being able to write the most amazing passages. During my mother blessing she wove these talents together beautifully. Considering most of us had never been to a mother blessing before this, we all felt at home with this experience.

During the mother blessing I was able to let go of fears and concerns that surrounded me. I found faith in myself as a mother and as a woman. I was able to connect with my baby in a powerful way. I felt ready and well to walk the path that lay ahead regardless of what was on it. I left feeling focused, loved, capable, powerful and ready!

I highly recommend the experience of Julie’s mother blessing ceremony. I cannot say enough positive things about Julie, her mother blessings or the services that she supports the community with!”

~Shannon, mother of three

Welcoming & Naming Ceremonies

The birth of a new baby is great cause for celebration. Babies come to us through birth,  adoption, and the blending of families. Honouring the addition of this new family member through meaningful ceremony can help the transition. A custom created Welcoming or Naming Ceremony is a tangible way to commemorate our joy and gratitude for this new family member. For families who do not belong to or identify with a particular church or religion, this ceremony can be a meaningful alternative to a traditional Baptism or Christening.

I look forward to helping you in marking this beautiful beginning in your life!
 Welcoming Blakelee
blakeleeAfter many discussions with my husband we chose to use a Life-Cycle Celebrant for our daughters welcoming ceremony. We wanted to have something personal, unique, and special to commemorate the birth of our daughter. Julie was the perfect choice. She took the time to understand what was important to us and our family. Our promises and hopes for our children’s futures was of the utmost importance. Julie listened to our wishes and planned a beautiful and meaningful ceremony that included traditional and non traditional elements. Beautiful poems and kind words were read, sponsors were acknowledged and blessings were given. I would highly recommend Julie to anyone looking for a Life-Cycle Celebrant. She has helped create beautiful memories that our family will cherish forever.”
~Michelle, mother to Blakelee