Your marriage ceremony can be whatever you dream it to be! The possibilities are limitless. Share your joy as your guests witness a ceremony that mirrors all that is special about your love. I have the legal authority to perform civil (non-religious) marriage ceremonies within the Province of Ontario as a clerk-designated officiant through the Township of Whitewater Region. As a graduate of the Celebrant Foundation and Institute, I am professionally trained in all aspects of ceremony creation and execution. I apply the fundamental skills of ceremony creation to the marriage ceremonies I write and perform and strive to get away from “cookie-cutter” ceremonies that we have all grown accustomed to.

With attention to detail, a natural ability to relate to people and excellent interview skills, I will collaborate with you to construct a memorable and personal ceremony that reflects you as a couple. My gift of the written word and ability to connect with people from all walks of life helps me to make each and every ceremony unique. Of course, you always have final approval of your ceremony.

© Mondays With Mac Photography

Kaley & David(August 2017)
“When David and I started planning our wedding, we knew right away that we wanted to hire Julie. I had heard of her work through friends and family. As persons living with disabilities, it was important to us to have an officiant who understood that being disabled is not a horrible affliction but a proud identity that we live with every day. Julie, with her own disabled daughter, seemed the perfect fit. Plus, her previous work had demonstrated a particular acceptance and celebration of diverse bodies, peoples, and types of love. We were so grateful that Julie agreed to take us on, even though she had another wedding the same day. Although we had pretty high expectations, Julie managed to exceed them all. She was just wonderful. Everything in the ceremony was planned exactly to our style and preferences. It was so unique and beautiful. We had so many guests comment afterwards on how ours had been the best ceremony they had ever attended! At one point during the planning process, David and I had an unexpected surprise: we found out we were having a baby! Julie, not missing a beat, suggested a way to include our news in the ceremony that was both tasteful and touching. In fact, everything Julie recommended made our day that much more special and again, we are so happy to have hired her.” 


©Lindsey Gibeau Photography

Amanda & Coady (Summer 2016)
“What a wonderful experience it was to work with Julie! Everything from the beginning planning stage to the BIG day was absolutely effortless and a real joy. Julie has such a calm & relaxed demeanor that sets you at ease. She creates a personal ceremony that is truly unique to each couple. She showcases the bride and grooms journey, and depicts personal details throughout the ceremony. I also loved that Julie prefers to stand a little bit off to the side during the ceremony, so you can be right beside your loved one, embracing them if you wish, or simply holding hands. It is amazing to feel that connection in that moment. Julie made our day that much more magical! We cannot thank her enough!”

©Igor Pavlov Photography

©Igor Pavlov Photography

Karen & David (Spring 2016)

“We met Julie at the Handmade Bride show in Ottawa and knew instantly that she was the perfect person to officiate our wedding! She has a natural gift with words and wrote a beautiful and unique ceremony for us that we will always treasure. It included the story of how we met and fell in love, and incorporated many sentimental memories and even a ritual to honour our parents. We laughed, cried, and absolutely loved every moment of it! Our ceremony was a one-of-a-kind experience that was loved by everyone present at our wedding. Julie has a very calming presence, is thoughtful and genuine, and we highly recommend her to any couple that wishes to have a sentimental and deeply meaningful wedding ceremony. Thank you, Julie!”

©Union Eleven Photographers

©Union Eleven Photographers

Andrea & Mark (Summer 2015)

“A huge thank you for the beautiful ceremony. You were so great to work with. Your calming nature cut right through my nerves and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. We received so many compliments about how personal the ceremony was, and several people said it was the best they’ve ever been to. You are truly talented at what you do and we could not have asked for anyone better to work with. Thank you!”

©Mondays with Mac Photography

©Mondays with Mac Photography

Shanda & Nick (August 2015)

“A few years ago I attended a friend’s wedding and was captivated and inspired by it. I made note of who the Officiant was and vowed that when that day came for me, she HAD to be our officiant. Years later, I finally found my Prince. He proposed and a date was set. The first thing we did was book the amazing, Julie Keon. Throughout the year we corresponded back and forth. She was attentive and sensitive to any questions and concerns we had. She took the time to get to know us and personalize our ceremony. There was an uninvited guest the day of our wedding: RAIN. When we arrived for the outdoor ceremony I was extremely overwhelmed and stressed out. Through the crowd, Julie made her way toward me. She reached out to me, connected with me and centered me. I will always be grateful for Julie. She made our wedding day a day we will never forget nor will our guests! Weeks later, we were still getting such positive feedback from everyone. I’m so happy our guests had the same unforgettable moment at our wedding that I had had years ago. She truly helped make our wedding unique, personal, and romantic. Getting to know Julie over the year was exciting. I got to learn just how much of an inspiration she truly is. That is why I always refer to her as ‘The Amazing Julie Keon.’ She has not only found her calling but she compliments her profession so well with her compassion and ability to relate, encourage, inspire, and console. When we look back fondly on our wedding day for years to come, she will always be a part of that fond memory. We are so grateful!”

©Melissa Kew Photography

Megan & Chris (Fall 2013)

“Thank you again for the fabulous job you did as our officiant! Many people told us that it was the most memorable & heartfelt ceremony that they’ve attended, which is all thanks to you. It was even more special because Chris & I both felt an instant connection with you, like you were someone that we had known for years!”

©Mondays with Mac Photography

©Mondays with Mac Photography

Valerie & Marty (Fall 2013)

“We had been together for a few years and we wanted to plan something a little different and decided on a Surprise Wedding. You were absolutely perfect at helping us pull it off. You moved with the moment and were able to lead and direct a shocked audience through a fun, very creative and extremely personal service and memorable exchange of vows. We laughed. We cried. Then we laughed some more. Thank you, Julie, for such a perfect ceremony.”

Cy & Baxter (Summer 2013)cy_baxter2

“With Julie’s guidance, we enjoyed a perfect and unique ceremony. She helped our ideas blossom into beautiful experiences. Like an expert goldsmith she took those sterling moments and studded them with gems.”

©Melissa Toye Photography

©Melissa Toye Photography

Sarah & John (Summer 2012)

“Julie went above and beyond for our wedding. With ease, she made our wedding personal for us and one-of-a-kind. We believe the ceremony is one of the most important parts of your wedding day. Julie pays attention to the little things that makes your wedding special and for that we are thankful that she was a part of our day. We believe that the words you share and the meaning behind the words is what counts. Julie made the most important part of the wedding shine for us with her confidence, love and passion.”

Vow Renewals & Anniversaries

Some of us are fortunate to have a true love that stands the test of time, filling our lives for many years, sometimes many decades. In that time you’ve grown together and perhaps at times, grown apart. You have laughed and cried, celebrated and grieved, shared in and have overcome many difficult challenges. Renewing your vows or re-establishing your commitment can rejuvenate your relationship and remind you of what brought you together in the first place. You may have come to a crossroad and realize just how important your relationship is to who you have become and now wish to honour that more deeply.
Vow renewals and anniversary ceremonies are another way to recognize the joy and love in your life while allowing others, perhaps children and grandchildren, to be a part of that celebration. Whatever and however you wish to celebrate, it is possible. Let’s get started…

Sarah & Steve (Summer 2014)

“We wanted to do something special for our 10 year wedding anniversary to celebrate the decade that we had shared together, so we decided to renew our vows. We knew we wanted it to be more personal than our first ceremony and something that our two daughters could be a part of. What Julie offers is exactly what we had in mind. She understood what we were looking for and went way above and beyond to come up with beautiful vows that celebrated the life and family we had built together. The ceremony was perfect and the way Julie included our two little girls in it made them feel so special and important. It was an afternoon we’ll never forget. We can’t thank you enough Julie for all of the kind and wonderful things you said and did to make our day so amazing!”

Stan & Donna (Winter 2013)

“We hadn’t considered renewing our vows but once we learned about it, we thought it would be an appropriate way to celebrate 45 years of marriage. Sharing how we met and touching on the triumphs and tribulations of our marriage, made us very proud to be standing together in the presence of our four children, their spouses and our seven grandchildren. Julie incorporated a unique candle lighting ritual that was a visual symbol of all we had accomplished and of our everlasting love. The vow renewal ceremony was a powerful reaffirmation of the vows we had taken 45 years earlier.”